Our Community

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is aligned with our core values of building capacities in people and adding value to society. As such, our CSR policy is focused solely on grass roots organizations that focus on youth training programs and workshops that nurture various talents and skills and provide out-reach programs and community service.

These are: LoYAC, Injaz, and P2BK. We also sponsor and support Bayt Abdullah, which is a non-profit children's hospice. In addition, each brand has its own CSR initiatives including, but not limited to; kid's activities at hospices, hospitals, and children with special needs.

We aim to continue our meaningful partnerships with local youth organizations with the goal of creating leaders for future generations; instilling a sense of purpose to contribute to their community by working side by side with our hands, our hearts, and our minds. As such, our relationship with the community is deep-rooted.

We take pride in working with our internal and external customers to co-create positive change and opportunities for our youth. In 2012, we have created purposeful and relevant training for our LoYAC students and matched their talents with opportunities in this business for work experience and internships. We also had two friendly football matches with the AC Milan LoYAC football team that we sponsor. For the third year running, we sponsored P2BK where young entrepreneurs had the opportunity to showcase their talent to Kuwait. It was the second year to launch the Hungry Bunny Award for Most Promising Concept after judging more than 10 new food concepts. This award allowed the winner to have access to all of our expertise and best practices and in the restaurant industry.

Our Environment

We are committed to the protection of the environment and we strive for continual improvement through initiatives such as recycling the fry oil, using state of the art delivery trucks and cars – minimizing our carbon footprint, purchasing local produce when available, and liaising with suppliers who also share environmental best practice beliefs.